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Community Support Programs

We lead various community outreach initiatives to connect our immigrant families to the resources that they need most. 


HOLA Lakeway can help connect immigrant and refugee families via telephone or in-person with information, resources and assistance to address immediate needs, which can range from registering a child to school, finding funds to cover utility expenses, or other services.  Feel free to call or text us at (423) 621-9065 or email us below.  


School Interpreters

HOLA provides interpreters to several schools throughout every parent-teacher conference night and registration. If you are interested in becoming a school interpreter, be on the lookout for future training opportunities on Facebook.


College Conference

Say HOLA to college opportunities! HOLA Lakeway’s annual college conference followed by a college fair is hosted in the Spring. Throughout the conference students will discuss college life, scholarship information, and college readiness.


HOLA on the Move

This initiative began during the COVID-19 pandemic as a means to provide resources to families in their own neighborhoods. We partner with local agencies and teachers to provide educational materials, reading activities, STEAM activities, health-related information, and other resources from the community.  If you are interested in partnering with us you can contact us below. 



Not only do we help the immigrant and refugee community with educational classes and resources, but we help families integrate into their new community. We create a community where everyone feels welcomed, supported, and empowered. Positive day-to-day interactions between residents encourage mutual understanding of different perspectives and lead to increased respect amongst all those calling a community home. 


La Tiendita
(The People's Store)

La Tiendita is a small emergency food pantry that HOLA has for families who are in need of cultural food items such as Maseca, P.A.N., Tostadas, etc.


HOLA also offers hygiene products for new arrivals to feel welcomed into their new home.

Donations are always welcome.

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