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Educational Programs

​HOLA Lakeway offers a variety of educational resources for immigrants and refugees in the Lakeway area.  



The purpose of RoboThinKids is to inspire minds, plant dreams, and build community leaders. Plan-Do-Check Act is a methodology that many of our Lakeway area manufacturing plants use to train their employees to work at high levels of effectiveness. Students will utilize Legos to practice problem-solving and analyzing skills.


In order to register for the program a school’s teacher recommendation is required. 


For any questions, please reach out to us by email below.  Please feel free to text or call us at (423) 621-9065. 



Our annual STREAM summer camp is in July from 4:30- 8:00 pm Monday through Thursday. Students will partake in several STEM activities and  will also have the opportunity to expand on their coding, reading, and scientific knowledge. This camp is free and a light snack is provided.



Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays we offer literacy programs and steam activities for kids while their parents are attending our adult education programs.  


Youth Programs


RAICES (Retaining, Advocating, Innovative College Engaged Students) is designed to provide critical resources and support to first-generation college students in the Lakeway area. The program offers a range of activities and services to empower students and help them succeed in their academic and personal lives.

HOLA Sankofa center provides a study room where commuter students can come study and print anything they need. Study room hours vary by semester please check our Instagram for updated hours.  We want to help college students prepare for the workforce and become economically independent young adults. 


Text or call us at (423) 621-9065 for study room hours or to reserve a study space.



This is a high school student leadership program that aims to assist students in the transition phase from high school to college or entering the workforce.  This program offers opportunities to learn social skills, polish student's leadership skills, academic support, and college preparation.  

You must register first to be part of this program.  Please reach out to us by email below to find out more information with the subject line, "Elevate Program."




HOLA Lakeway offers four levels of English classes, ranging from beginner to advanced.  These classes are designed to prepare immigrants and refugees for the workforce. 

Registration for English classes will always be posted on Facebook.  For any questions reach out to us below.  Please feel free to text us or call us at (423) 621-9065.



This is a hands-on Spanish class which allows for students to practice what they learn.  Students go to restaurants and stores to practice their Spanish. Students will also attend sobre mesa, where they will sit down with and talk to native Spanish speakers. Classes are given throughout the week, and the course is ten weeks long. This class is currently only offered to adults.  

For any questions, please reach out to us below.  Please feel free to text us (423) 621-9065.  


High School Equivalency Exam Preparation (HiSET)

Preparation classes are offered for students seeking to take the HiSET exam in Spanish.  Preparation classes are offered for mathematics, writing, reading, social studies, and science.  These classes are designed to prepare students for their workforce development in the Lakeway area.  Stay tuned on Facebook when the next registrations opens in 2024.  

You are not required to take all four subjects at once.  You can enroll in one subject at a time.  

For any questions, please contact us below.  Please feel free to text or call us at (423) 621-9065. 

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