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Rapid Response

The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC), in partnership with local and national organizations, organized a robust response to defend the workers, support the affected families, and help the local community to process what ICE had done and understand the raid in a broader context of immigration policy.

Since the East Tennessee raid, ICE has conducted mass worksite raids in Iowa, Ohio, Nebraska, Minnesota, Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina, and California, and the administration has continued to signal an increased use of this brutal tactic. In the aftermath of the East Tennessee raid,  we developed a model for a robust, coordinated response to defend workers and transform the community in the wake of a massive raid and wanted to share our approach, resources, and tools with other organizations that may respond to worksite raids in their states.

While many toolkits are designed to help organizations prepare in advance for ICE actions in their community, this guide is meant to serve as an emergency toolkit that advocates can reference to respond the moment ICE conducts a worksite raid in their community.

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