Language Institute

​The HOLA Lakeway Language Institute offers a variety of educational resources for immigrants, as well as the general Lakeway community. We offer classes in both English and Spanish because we believe in promoting cultural exchange

English Classes

HOLA Lakeway hosts four levels of ELL classes, ranging from beginner to advanced. Through these classes, we hope to give a confident voice to those who often struggle with communicating their needs in a new language. The demand for English language skills is incredibly urgent, and our ELL classes address that need.

Classes are held weekly and the cost to attend is $80, which includes the cost of books and materials. Students can expect regular homework, testing, and a strict attendance policy.

For any questions, please reach out to us at

Spanish Classes


More than 30% of Lakeway area residents are Latino. By offering Spanish classes, we build a bridge between the different communities in our area, ultimately promoting unity.

The cost to attend is $100, which includes the cost for books and materials. Classes are given on either Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and the course is eight weeks long. Students can expect regular homework, testing and a strict attendance policy. This class is currently only offered to adults.

For any questions, please reach out to us at



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