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Cultural Programs

We celebrate the diversity in the Lakeway area by leading cultural events that promote unity and create opportunities for community members to share their heritage. 

International Food Festival

The International Food Festival is a day-long annual event hosted by HOLA Lakeway each September. Here, members of the immigrant community are invited to share their customs and traditions, from food to song and dance. This event was started in 2016 by HOLA to promote both diversity and unity in the Lakeway region.

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Our Tertulias are cultural meetings where community members come together and learn about the different cultures in our communities. Tertulia means "Let's have a conversation". It is used in Latin countries for welcoming friends to have conversations that matter. The idea of the Tertulia will allow our clients and community members to have an open dialog and learn from each other. 

For any questions, please reach out to us at

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